The integrated TERRA TRAC 700 suspension on all axles of the crawler track unit ensures maximum driving comfort and outstanding driving safety. The ground pressure is evenly distributed even when driving over uneven surfaces. Thanks to the large contact area, the tractive force can be efficiently applied to the ground with maximum traction. The integrated planetary gear ensures maximum tractive performance. The drive force is provided via an articulated shaft. The power is transmitted by friction to the track belt, which is tensioned with particularly high force. The pad technology of the wheels achieves optimal temperature and dirt management.
Since 2019, we have had series experience in field usage and offer the TERRA TRAC 700 in different equipment variants.

The benefits:

  • Possible driving speeds of up to 40 km/h
  • Track belt width of 460 mm to 890 mm
  • Design of the track belt carcass can be adapted to different conditions of use
  • Track lugs: Designs available for high percentage of use on field or road travel. The track lugs can be optimised for the best tractive power transmission or long on-road transport
  • Large spring-mounted drive wheel with screwed-on rubber pads in various widths for low track belt temperatures and optimal traction transmission
  • Large spring-mounted idler wheel with screwed-on rubber pads in various widths for the best mobility and soil protection in the field
  • Spring-mounted mid-roller pendulum with aluminium wheel
  • Belt tension monitoring: The track belt is tensioned by a hydraulic cylinder, which prevents slip. The tension is monitored electronically at all times.
  • Pendulum stop can be integrated for confined installation spaces and high operational safety
  • Hydraulically adjustable driving height in the field


More information on TERRA TRAC crawler track units on CLAAS machines can be found here: https://www.claas.de/produkte/technologien/terra-trac