Production + SCM

CLAAS Industrietechnik in Paderborn is a system partner to CLAAS plants around the world and for external customers in the agricultural and municipal equipment sectors. Boasting excellent vertical integration, we manufacture components and systems for drive technology and hydraulics. Our top priority is to inspire our customers with premium quality and delivery reliability. 

For CLAAS Industrietechnik, the internationally recognised hallmark of quality “Made in Germany” means more than just the country in which our products are made and stands just as much for the standards adhered to by a German family business “Made by CLAAS”. High-quality and innovative products are attributes that have characterised CLAAS Industrietechnik for many years. Quality management means, among other things, the use of preventive methods in product development, systematic incoming goods inspection, permanent quality monitoring in the production processes and continuous optimisation in conjunction with development and customer service.

The Supply Chain Management Division controls the flow of materials and information as well as physical processing along the various value streams. Supplier relationships are established and developed in cooperation with Purchasing, while customer relationships are managed together with Sales. Individual logistics concepts are developed and implemented collaboratively with national and international partners using different modes of transport (land, air, sea) to ensure an efficient flows of goods. The range of supply processes in this context extends from piece deliveries to just-in-time sequencing. 



We use shop floor management as an agile control and leadership principle, as it immediately highlights information, disruptions and deviations in a transparent and flexible way. This enables a direct response and encourages continuous improvement of the production processes.


Our portfolio extends from customised small series to large series for the mass market. State-of-the-art technologies in the areas of connectivity and digitalisation drive this development. For example, MDA/ODA (machine/operating data acquisition), SAP MES, Save App or CAD/CAM integration (computer-aided design/manufacturing) are already integral elements in our production. Machine and system connectivity within our production is based on the OPC UA standard.


We manufacture with a high level of added value and an accuracy of up to 2µm (a human hair is 45 times thicker) in order to keep pace with the constant development of our products. Regular investments in manufacturing facilities and in the qualification of our staff allow us to breathe life into our claim of innovative and modern production. Machinist guidance implemented in our assembly processes enables us to validate the quality and production data.


We have three flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and over 100 machines and machining centres in our machining division alone. An FMS is a combination of several machining centres combining a material and tool store and a transport system to enable management and automatic control of the tools and material flow. The following manufacturing processes are used here: turning, milling, hobbing, broaching, shaping, roller burnishing, external and internal cylindrical grinding, tooth flank grinding, honing and hardening.


CLAAS Industrietechnik regularly completes both internal and external audits to obtain recognised certifications and in order to meet our own conformity requirements and those of our partners. This ensures that the defined quality requirements and processes are consistently satisfied and compliance is assured.


Our automated small parts warehouse (ASPW) means we can store small-volume goods both efficiently and economically. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) increase the flexibility of logistics and in doing so create a safe, dynamic and efficient production environment.