CTIC tyre pressure control system

Innovative. Efficient. Gentle on the soil.

Adjusting tyre pressure to reduce soil pressure has economic benefits for farmers and contractors alike. The right tyre pressure protects the soil and therefore increases the yield, especially during slurry spreading, silage recovery and heavy tillage. What’s more, the tractor’s tractive power is increased, fuel consumption reduced and tyre life extended. This improves the economic efficiency out in the field and for the machinery.

All benefits at a glance

  • iPad control for intuitive operation and convenient profile management 
  • Quick adjustment of air pressure thanks to a patented rotary union and powerful screw compressor* 
  • Maximum flexibility and increase in utilisation due to a central unit on the tractor 
  • Mounting and dismantling are possible without permanent changes to the tractor 
  • Reduction in soil compaction through optimised tyre pressure 
  • Soil conservation to increase yield due to improved nutrient availability 
  • Reduction in fuel consumption by up to 10% due to less slippage 
  • Significant reduction in tyre wear 


Only for the CTIC 2800

From 0.8 to 1.8 bar in 80 seconds.

Performance comparison for different systems – CITIC – faster in the field and on the road.

The different systems available on the market have significantly different inflation or deflation times. The comparison shows the two CLAAS systems without (CTIC) or with an additional compressor (CTIC 2800), a technically equivalent retrofit and a factory-fitted system. The performance data refers to 600/70 R30 tyres on the front axle and 710/70 R42 tyres on the rear axle. Approx. 3,500 litres are needed to achieve a pressure increase from 1 to 2 bar in this case.

Flexible uses.

The core system components can be mounted on different tractors using special attachments. This means that it is possible and easy to dismantle an installed system and mount it on a different vehicle at any time. The system components are extremely high-quality and very stable to ensure an extended service life.

Unique valve technology.

The patented rotary union includes the valves for deflating and inflating the tyre and the wheel valve to prevent pressure loss. A pressure sensor determines and regulates the exact pressure on each tyre. The valve technology is arranged to enable flexible and needs-based use of the tyre pressure control system.

Maximum power.

The screw compressor* is driven by the load-sensing system at a flow rate of 90 l/min. The effective air volume of 2,800 l/min is sufficient to fill not only the tractor tyres but also the tyres on a trailed implement. An integrated cooling system permits continuous operation.

* Only for the CTIC 2800