TERRA TRAC ACTIVE DRIVE is a hydrostatic drive system with crawler track units for trailed vehicles. The power train is closed and is driven via the tractor PTO. TERRA TRAC ACTIVE DRIVE has thrust assistance for the towing vehicle in both directions, which can be activated in the field. As a component set, TERRA TRAC ACTIVE DRIVE can be used in a wide variety of ways, e.g. in liquid manure tankers, lime and manure spreaders, auger wagons, or air seeders.


Technical concept:

  • Hydrostatic drive system with adjustable hydraulic units for variable thrust assistance.
  • Through-drive on pump gearbox with clutch for PTO-driven functions of the trailer
  • Mechanical friction brake
  • TERRA TRAC 200 in four track belt widths (from 635 mm to 890 mm)
  • Operation via ISO bus terminal

The benefits:

  • Transport speeds of up to 40km/h on the road
  • Adjustable thrust assistance in both directions of travel on the field
  • Can be engaged while on the move
  • Slip reduction on the towing vehicle
  • No ballasting of the towing vehicle necessary
  • Increased mobility in all conditions of use
  • Significantly increased climbing ability
  • Reduced soil pressure
  • Shallower track depths
  • Less soil shearing
  • Can be driven earlier, thus allowing for longer operating periods