Development and testing

CLAAS Industrietechnik develops solutions for drive technology in tomorrow’s world. To do this, we integrate mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and electronic components into systems that ensure our customers acquire unique positions on the marketplace. We have many years of expertise as a system partner and state-of-the-art tools for development, calculation, simulation and testing. In addition, we have a network of long-standing partners who contribute their experience and skills to support the development of your solutions.

Our claim:

We perceive close collaboration and pooled experience with the customer, from product development to the end of the product life cycle, as an opportunity and essential component in the continuous improvement of our products. We work tirelessly to exceed your needs and expectations and to affirm your trust with our quality and reliability. 

Continuity meets dynamism. “If you want to be the leader, you must keep running” (Helmut Claas): here at CLAAS, we work on innovative, leading solutions for agricultural machinery. That’s why our strategy moves just as much between the seemingly dichotomous poles of dynamism and continuity as it does with the steady ebb and flow of the market itself.

CIT accompanies its CLAAS customers to their international locations. This takes place by delivering components, performing location assembly, commissioning production from suppliers and carrying out installation and manufacturing on site. 

So what will change with the lean approach? Becoming a lean company means moving from the world of reactions into one of prevention. This means that a lean methodology is a tool to leverage profitability.

Developing and implementing modular elements is a basic requirement for economic efficiency. And it’s put into practice with a high degree of customised complexity coupled with low internal complexity.

We develop and evolve for you and with you!