X10 Cab

Cab + Comfort.

Vehicle cabs from the CLAAS product range offer you a pleasant level of comfort allied with an ergonomic design. The cabs can be configured to meet your individual requirements. Both the 12 Volt and the 24 Volt variants of the comfort cab have panoramic glazing as standard, ensuring an unobstructed view on all sides. An automatic air-conditioning unit can be relied on to maintain the temperature you require even at outside temperatures of up to 50 °C. Roll-up sun screens and a refrigerated drinks compartment round off the features of the comfort cab.

Cabin category 4 filtering.

Maximum respiratory pretection according to European standards (DIN EN 15695).

As an option, CLAAS Industrietechnik also offers the technology to filter the module cab with the highest level of respiratory protection (Category 4) according to DIN EN 15965.

Category 1: No defined protection from hazardous substances
Category 2: Protection from dust
Category 3: Protection from dust and aerosols
Category 4: Protection from dust, aerosols and vapours (gases)