Test Center

A systematic approach to tests and trials.

CLAAS Industrietechnik is an innovative and reliable partner for hydraulics and drive technology. In our test center we can offer you system solutions for testing and validating your machines, modules and components.

Here’s what we can do for you

Strength testing

  • Continuous stress testing with diesel drive mechanism, electric drive mechanism and hydromechanical tensioning
  • Centrifugal mass test bench
  • Hydropuls
  • Strain measurement

Functional testing

  • Oil supply in sloping positions and in refrigerated rooms
  • Drive performance in sloping positions
  • Vibrations
  • Noises
  • Gear changes

Test drives

  • Roller test rig
  • Overall load-bearing capacity / measurement of load spectrum
  • Field trials

Measurement technology

  • Portable data entry and processing
  • Online classification
  • Remote access
  • Data transfer with GPRS, UMTS, etc.

Repair shop

  • Assembly and removal
  • Findings
  • Documentation

Right down to the last detail

It is well known that a system only operates as well as its individual components permit. For this reason it is particularly important to specify all components precisely. In various test processes we check the function and robustness of the various components and modules and how they interact. For example, the functional test examines the oil supply in various situations or the impact of vibrations and other external influences.

Your benefits at a glance

  • faster comparison of the solution with customer requirements
  • reduced costs
  • reduction to the necessary changes
  • shorter development times
  • coordination of load-bearing capacities
  • changes prior to introduction of series
  • aid to decision-making when choosing variants
  • improved standard quality
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • fewer complaints