Mobile transmissions

Whether it is power take-off gears (PTO), tractive gears, angle or reducing gears, we team up with our customers in this segment to create solutions that are as varied and different as the individual requirements. You will find our special gearboxes in many mobile vehicles and machines in which a customised solution is necessary.

Pump distributor gears

As a manually activated and non-activated spur gear for distributing power to different power take-offs.

Auxiliary drive systems

Manually activated pump power take-off for concrete pumps on utility vehicles without their own power take-off in the vehicle transmission system.

Reducing gears

Compact, space-saving reducing gear in planetary configuration.

Tractive gears

Single-phase or two-phase spur gear. Used for frontal hydraulics or frontal power take-off. Version available with upstream or integrated multi-disc clutch.