Special valves

Our valves for industrial applications enable us to develop entire systems that cover a wide range of functions. Our spectrum of products ranges from bi-directional logic elements in a cartridge-type construction and proportional valves to certified safety gate valves. Possible sizes range from NG 10 to NG 125.

Cost-optimized 3/2 directional seat valve

Valves insert as a molded plastic element or flange version. Block-integrated DBV or DRV

10 l/min, 50 bar

CR10 - Flow control valve with cartridge-type construction

Integrated pressure balance with a control frequency >100Hz. Can be installed as a 3-directional or 2-directional control valve. Pressure balance designed for stable LS operation.

50l/min, 210 bar

VRV - Control valve attachment

3/3 directional valve, electro-hydraulically piloted. Integrated, piloted non-return valve for leak proof load control. Proportional lifting and lowering of attachments. Load compensation with upstream pressure balance. Integration of pressure sensors and accumulators (optional switching).

250 bar, 120 l/min

CEE, CHE, CHF cartridge valves - 2 directional logic elements

Available in DIN 24342 and compact versions. Standard sizes NG10-63, special sizes up to NG125.

Nominal pressure 350 bar


Piloted proportional throttle valve. Compact design and as per DIN 24342. Sizes from NG 15 to NG 80. Nominal pressure 350 bar. LS capability. Available in hydraulic or electric proportional piloted versions.


Piloted 2/2 directional safety gate valves for safety functions. Version as per DIN 24342, Standard sizes NG16 – NG 50, 200-3000 l/min. Nominal pressure 350 bar. Position scanning with sensor. Electrically or hydraulically piloted.

CCE cartridge cover

Available in DIN 24342 and compact versions. Standard sizes NG10-63, standard sizes up to NG125.

Nominal pressure 350 bar.

Special industrial valves

Customer-specific hydraulic systems for different applications in different industries.