Construction kit (CL02, CL03, CL04, CL06)

CL03 - Poppet type valves for 4/3- and 3/3-directional standard valve sections

Directly actuated poppet type cartridges. Two different 2/2 directional cartridges in a normally closed design. 3/2 directional Cartridge with positive switching overlap. Other blocking, pressure and flow control functions complete the modular system.

20 l/min, 270 bar

CL04 - 3/3 and 4/3 directional valves in standard valve disks

Directly controlled seat valves with cartridge-type construction. Leak proof seats at all connections. Positive and negative overlap. 2/2 directional and 3/2 directional individual cartridges for compact control blocks.

60 l/min, 350 bar

CL06 - 4/3 directional LS proportional valve

Proportional control for single or double-acting consumer. Non-load-independent thanks to a preceding individual pressure balance. Flange surface for application-specific secondary functions. Directly (electromechanically) actuated: max. 30 l/min Electro-hydraulically actuated: max. 60 l/min. Floating position optional with electrohydraulic actuation (max. 45 l/min).

Operating pressure max. 350 bar