Drive and steering axles

Our steering axles, steering drive axles and drive axles catch the eye thanks to their modular strategy, which enables customised configuration. At the heart of this modular approach is a significant number of non-variable parts and standardised system interfaces with high complexity advantages for a large variety of products. The axles are used in agricultural machinery as well as in municipal equipment. 

CLAAS Industrietechnik has developed a wide range of axles specifically for use in self-propelled harvesters. Steering axles, steering drive axles and drive axles are designed for a wide range of load capacities and installation scenarios.

Steering axles

Load capacities from 4.5 to 10 t. Robust axles for universal use on various harvesting machines. Swing axle version. Available as an adjustable or constant track rear axle. Modular strategy enables customer-specific configurations.

Steering drive axles

Load capacities up to 11 t. Steering drive axles with continuously variable ground drive. Powered by hydrostatic wheel hub units. Swing axle version with adjustable flange width and height adjustment.

Open drive axles

Load capacities of 10 to 28 tons. Equipped with planetary axles for high load capacities. Transmission with 2 or 3 speeds as required, with electro-hydraulic switchgear unit. Can be used with standard or twin tyres. Easy maintenance thanks to super-fast access to the modules.

Closed drive axles

Load capacities up to 14 t. Self-supporting, compact design. Integrated wet multi-disc brakes. Electro-hydraulic gear shift mechanism. With optional tyre pressure control system and differential lock. Speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Our portfolio for municipal equipment includes numerous axles and chassis solutions. The robust axles are designed for various applications in the field of municipal equipment.

Steering, drive and steering drive axles as rigid axles

Front axle for sweepers with four-wheel steering. Rear axle unsprung or with hydro-pneumatic suspension. With optional engageable limited slip differential and disc brake. Extensive customer configuration possible.

Steering and steering drive axles with independent suspension

Double wishbone axle with independent suspension and internally vented disc brake. Excellent handling and comfort, ABS sensor for directionally stable deceleration. Ready for installation with adjusted steering geometry.

Drive axle for municipal vehicles

Rigid drive axle with internally vented disc brake. With optional integrated differential lock. Brake on drive flange.