Customer Service

We place great emphasis on service. We regard close cooperation and the exchange of experience with the customer from product provisioning to the end of the product lifecycle as an opportunity and an elementary factor in continuing to improve our products.

Complaints management

Your messages will be received by our team of coordinators and will be handled according to established and standardized processes involving all the necessary specialist departments. Our complaints management team guarantees you transparency and fast, efficient debugging, from the point at which your message is received to the introduction of remedial measures and the drafting of a final 8-D report.

Training courses

We train our customer’s specialists in order to ensure world-wide service for our products. These practical training courses enable our partners to pass on their know-how to the experts at the local workshops/ subsidiaries.

Technology service center

The customer service support center in Paderborn is well equipped to provide support services for our products. This organizational unit unites the expert team from the areas of prototyping, testing and customer service as well as technical equipment. The center has extensive test equipment and machinery to enable it to reproduce the use of our products in our customers’ environments and application conditions.